Lincoln Park Presbyterian
600 W Fullerton Ave

Chicago, Illinois

8pm October 16, 2018

For the first time in the 21st century, we are proud to present a recital of the music of Elizabeth Rudolph. Ms Rudolph's lyrical style of composing is well-suited to the human voice, and her settings are evocative and accessible. Her communicative music draws you in, leading you through a journey to find meaning in our often difficult world. This recital features some of Chicago's best classical musicians, such as Meghan Guse, Rachael Long, Samantha Attaguile, Katherine Dalin, Antoni Scarano, Theresa Lams, Alex Norris, Taylor Anapol, and Jordan Crice. With lyrics by William Shakespeare, August Strindberg, Yvonne Strumecki, and Julie Ann Ball, there's truly something for everyone in this intimate concert of contemporary classical music. 


Proceeds benefitted Chicago Women's

Health Center.


Me Gustaría Hablar*

  (2018) Yvonne Strumecki 

            Paletero Bells

            Garden Apartments

            Twin Terrors

            Six Pops

Meghan Guse - Soprano

Alex Norris - Violin

Jordan Crice - Piano



Taylor Anapol - Cello

Jordan Crice - Piano


  (1997, arr 2009)

Alex Norris - Violin

Jordan Crice - Piano

Family Relations

  (1997) Julie Ann Ball

            Orange Elevators

            Suddenly Summer

            Mother’s Shoes

Samantha Attaguile - Mezzo

Jordan Crice - Piano


The Third Night

  (2012) August Strindberg

            Thirsting Spirit

            Sprawling City

Antoni Scarano - Baritone

Theresa Lams - Bass Clarinet

Jordan Crice - Piano


  (2014) Julie Ann Ball
Rachael Long - Soprano

Jordan Crice - Piano

Perfect Fog* 

  (2014) Julie Ann Ball

Rachael Long - Soprano

Katherine Dalin - Contralto

Theresa Lams - Clarinet

Taylor Anapol - Cello

Richard’s Women

  Shakespeare(Richard III)

            Lady Anne* (2018)

            Queen Margaret (2017)

Rachael Long - Soprano

Katherine Dalin - Contralto

Jordan Crice - Piano

 *=premiere performance