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About Imogen

Imogen is a full length opera for 11 singers based on the play Cymbeline by Shakespeare. It has been written for 6 sopranos, 2 mezzos, one contralto (or bass), one tenor, and one baritone.

It is appropriate for performances by opera companies of all sizes and by colleges and universities.

The Piano/Vocal score will be available for personal and production use in 2020.

Fuller scorings will be forthcoming.

The libretto is a heavily edited version of the original Shakespeare. It has almost all gendered language removed, so any role can be portrayed as any gender. This has been done to illuminate the fact that this is a universal story; a story of overbearing parents and rulers, the difficulties of long distance love, the trials and traps of jealousy and possessiveness, the callousness of power hungry manipulators, the chance of forgiveness and redemption, and the joy of loved ones reunited.


We are all human.

Imogen, Kymbeline's heir

Lyric Mezzo

range: G3-A6

tessitura: C4-E5

Leonate, Imogen's spouse


range: A3-G4

tessitura: C3-D4

Pisaniu, the best friend


range: C4-Bb6


Cloten, Regan's heir

Contralto (or Bass)

range: F#3-F#5

tessitura: B4-D5

Iachime, A Peshan


range: E3-B5

tessitura: F3-G4

Kymbeline, the Regent

Dramatic/Spinto Soprano

range: B3- A6

tessitura: E4-G5

Regan, the consort

Coloratura Soprano

range: F4-Eb6

tessitura: A5-B6

Belariu, the warrior

Full Lyric Soprano

range: D4-Bb6

tessitura: F4-G5

Guideriu, Belariu's heir 


range: D4-A6

tessitura: G5-G6

Arviragu, Belariu's heir Nola, a foreigner 


range: B3-G5

tessitura: D4-D5

(could be split)

Philipu, Leo's host in Pesh

Dr Corniliu, a court doctor


range: E4-A6

tessitura: F4-F5

(could be split)

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