The lovers, Imogen and Leonate, are being torn apart by fate. It seems like nobody wants them to be together. Will they ever achieve their happy ending when so many are working against them?



Scene A: Imogen and Leonate have married against the wishes of the Ghergan monarch, and Imogen's parent, Kymbeline. Regan, Kymbeline's consort, is pretending to support the couple, but is really up to no good. Leonate has been banished and the lovers are saying goodbye and exchanging jewelry to symbolize their commitment to each other. Kymbeline discovers them and threatens to kill Imogen's spouse  if Leonate ever shows their face at court again. 
Scene B: Leonate is in banishment at Phillipu's home in Pesh. Leo tells the guests that Imogen is the truest mate in the world. Iachime overhears this and boasts that no one is immune to the temptation of cheating. Over the objections of Phillipu and Nola, Iachime bets that Imogen can be seduced.  The collateral is Iachime's land and fortune against the diamond ring that Imogen gave to Leo.
Scene C: Against their will, the court doctor is forced to provide Regan with a vial of poison.

Scene D: Iachime arrives in Gherga and greets Imogen. The seduction is unsuccessful.

Scene E: Regan gives Pisaniu the box containing the poison, telling Pisaniu that it is a healing elixir.

Scene F: Iachime has hidden in Imogen's bedchamber and sneaks out while Imogen sleeps in order to find ammunition to convince Leonate that the seduction was successful. Iachime manages to steal Leo's bracelet from Imogen's arm, thinking that it will convince Leonate that Iachime has seduced Imogen.
Scene G: Regan's heir, Cloten, is serenading outside Imogen’s quarters to try to convince Imogen to give up Leo and marry Cloten instead. Kymbeline and Regan express their support for this match. Imogen comes out to join Cloten and says in no uncertain terms that this match will never happen. After Cloten's departure, Imogen tells Pisaniu that the bracelet is missing.


Act 2

Scene A: Iachime returns to Pesh and convinces everyone that the seduction was successful and that Iachime wins the bet. 

Scene B: Leonate is heartbroken and swears vengeance.

Scene C: Pisaniu has received a letter from Leonate instructing his friend to kill Imogen for infidelity. A second letter has been included for Imogen, claiming that there will be a reunion with Leonate in the country near Nari Oleh.

Scene D: Belariu lives in a cave near Nari Oleh with their offspring, Guideriu and Arviragu. Belariu tells the youths to go off hunting while Belariu reminisces about how they came to live so roughly.
Scene E: Pisaniu and Imogen arrive in the countryside near Nari Oleh, where it becomes apparent that Leonate has commanded Piasaniu to murder Imogen for perceived infidelity. Pisaniu refuses to kill Imogen, instead convincing the heir to the throne to go into disguise as a peasant.

Scene F: Kymbeline is concerned because Imogen has disappeared from court. Cloten tells Regan that Pisaniu is also missing. Regan hopes that Pisaniu has either taken the poison or given it to Imogen. Upon the sudden reappearance of Pisaniu, Cloten harangues them about where Imogen has gone and how Cloten could get vengeance on the couple.
Scene G: Imogen is starving, and enters Belariu's cave to find food and shelter. The warrior-hunters return and offer hospitality. As they leave to hunt, Imogen takes the poison. Along the way, the hunters encounter Cloten in Leonate's clothing. Guideriu confronts Cloten and kills Regan's heir. When Arviragu returns to the cave, Imogen is discovered dead. The hunters hold a funeral for Imogen and bury them together with Cloten.

Act 3

Scene A: Imogen awakens to find a headless corpse in Leonate's clothes and is horrified, believing Leonate to be dead.
Scene B: Kymbeline confronts Pisaniu about the whereabouts of Imogen. 
Scene C: The brokenhearted Leonate and the guilt-ridden Iachime have both returned to the wilderness near Nari Oleh in Gherga. They have a fight, but Leonate doesn't have the heart to kill Iachime. Kymbeline has also come to the wilderness to try to find Imogen, but an assassin attempts to kill the monarch in the wilderness. Belariu, Guideriu, and Arviragu come to the rescue and save Kymbeline.

Scene D: Kymbeline offers the hunters honors for their brave actions. Dr Corneliu brings news that Regan has died. Imogen (in disguise as a servant) is partially recognized by Kymbeline who offers them one request. Imogen asks how Iachime got the diamond. Iachime confesses the deception and Leonate becomes even more distraught. Imogen attempts to comfort Leonate but is not recognized and is thrown to the floor. Pisaniu recognizes Imogen but is accused of treachery for giving Imogen poison. Dr Corneliu is forced to confess that the poison (which wasn't poison after all) was requested of the doctor by Regan. The hunters recognize Imogen as their friend "Fidele.” Kymbeline wonders where Cloten has gone, and Guideriu confesses to killing Cloten. Kymbeline is enraged until Belariu confesses that Guideriu and Arviragu are the missing siblings of Imogen and the children of Kymbeline and Belariu. Everyone is joyfully reunited.